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In order to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction please list the symptoms you want fixed. ONLY what you type here will be repaired. Even if we have talked on the phone, you still need to type in a description of the symptoms of your problem.

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REPAIR AGREEMENT: I hereby grant permission for Global Online Services, Inc. to remotely access my computer for the purpose of making repairs. I understand that If the problem is not fixed there will be no charge. I agree to pay agreed amount by credit card or Paypal or by check immediately upon completion and verification of repairs. (If you will not be available upon completion, please discuss that with us prior).

You do not need to be at the computer during repair. We will call you on the phone when the work is completed. The computer must remain on and cannot be used while repairs are being performed. If it is a laptop, make sure it is plugged in.

The time required to repair your computer varies. Virus repairs average two hours, however every PC is different and repair time depends upon how many issues need to be corrected, the speed of your Internet connection and the speed of your computer. Occasionally a severely damaged or badly infected system can take significantly longer, requiring several hours. Sometimes repairs may go into the next day, although this is rare. Again, the average repair time is two hours. The price does not change, regardless of time spent.

After repairs are finished, you and Global Online Services,Inc. technician will both go over things on your computer so that you can confirm that it is repaired. Since you don't have to pay until after repairs are completed and verified, refunds are unnecessary. In the unlikely event that your problem suddenly reappears after payment, then please contact us within the warranty period so we can take care of it for you. Because many computers are not properly protected and/or have inferior virus protection products installed and since re-infection from Internet viruses can happen quickly we do offer free advice and consultation for protecting your computer and can sell you top quality antivirus software.Purchase of virus protection from us is completely optional.

No warranty is implied unless expressly provided verbally by first party at commencement of work. First party does not provide any repair guarantee, but does often provide warranty of repairs. No guarantee means no refunds are given under any circumstances. Warranty means additional work may be performed to correct issues if needed. If a repair warranty is needed, and is applicable, it is the duty and responsibility of the customer to make contact with us within the prescribed warranty period and request additional repairs under warranty. In the rare case of a situation wherein a computer has a failure of hardware such as a bad motherboard, bad RAM, etc, such that remote repair is impossible then any warranty is null and void and a diagnosis fee will be assessed if deemed appropriate by first party. By clicking the "I agree" button you acknowledge legal acceptance of this agreement in its entirety.

It is highly recommended that you change your antivirus protection if we removed any viruses. If it got past your protection before, it will likely do it again. We offer the best antivirus protection product available and can install it for you. If you decide to purchase antivirus software elsewhere, please be advised that not all such products are created equal and some of them can cause serious problems with a computer. Please understand that installing an antivirus product or other software can radically alter the behavior of a computer. For this reason we can make no warranty on a computer that behaves incorrectly after you install such software from another vendor. Therefore we ask, that if your problem was of an intermittent nature, that you make certain your computer is fixed before installing or reinstalling any software, as we cannot extend warranty after someone else has worked on your PC and installed antivirus software. Please understand that If we begin work on your computer and then for some reason you decide to discontinue repairs before completion then payment of $ 99.99 is due.

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